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Taski Intellibot Logo

Kompleat Services Inc. is the gold distributor for TASKI Intellibots in the state of Washington & Oregon

Taski Intellibot

What is Intellibot?

TASKI Intellibot floor cleaning robots are wide area robotic machines that clean hard floor or carpeted surfaces without an operator, making them an innovative solution for building owners and building maintenance companies interested in labor reductions, cost savings, sustainability, and quality cleaning.

Our years of expertise in finding the best floor care cleaning solutions for our building maintenance clients led to Kompleat Services, Inc. being selected as a Gold Distributor for TASKI Intellibot floor cleaning robots in the Pacific Northwest. To help you determine whether Intellibot’s cutting-edge, sustainable and cost-effective cleaning solutions are right for you, please contact our sales team for a product demo.

Robotic Cleaning Options

>  AEROBOT 1850 – The 29” AeroBot is a vacuum for carpeted surfaces

>  DUOBOT 1850 – The 25” DuoBot is a sweeper/scrubber for hard surfaces

>  HYDROBOT 1650 – The 29” HydroBot is a scrubber/dryer for hard surfaces

Value Through Innovation

>  Reduce Costs with less labor and higher productivity

>  Improve Cleaning Quality without adding head count

>  Enhance your image though marketing and innovation

Simple to Operate

Intellibot has an easy-to-use touch screen with simple menus that allows for various modes of operation depending on your cleaning needs.

Fully Autonomous

Multiple sensors plus a touch shield perimeter allow Intellibot to sense its environment and maneuver along walls and around fixed objects for fully autonomous operation.

Safe to Use

If an object or person crosses in front of Intellibot during use, it stops in .48-seconds (faster than a human operator), making it safe to use.

Remote Monitoring

Intelli-Trak™ remote monitoring helps you keep track of daily operations with wireless performance reports, including Operator ID, location, run time and system diagnostics.