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Disconnect Reconnect Services

Kompleat Services, Inc. specializes in computer workstation disconnect & reconnect.

Disconnect Reconnect

IT Disconnect/Reconnect Services

Proper disconnect and reconnect of employee workstations is an integral part of any successful office move. Do it right and your teams stay productive. Do it wrong and it costs you time and money. That’s why you need an experienced disconnect/reconnect service.

We Are the Experts

Kompleat Services, Inc. specializes in Computer Workstation Disconnect & Reconnect. We are the largest provider of this service in the Pacific Northwest. We have successfully moved computer workstations for key industry leaders in the Seattle marketplace and are skilled at successfully conducting large, complex office moves.

Proven Process

Our proven disconnect/reconnect process produces superior results. We designed it to be easy to follow so our staff and yours can understand what’s involved, what their role is in the process, and how each task will be successfully accomplished.

This includes:

  • Pre-move planning with your management and IT department.
  • Development of a clear, approved calendar with accurate relocation timing.
  • Asset management and relocation tracking by serial number or asset tag.
  • Final Quality Checks
Disconnect Reconnect
Full Service from Start to Finish

In addition to our disconnect/reconnect expertise, we also provide you with easily scalable per-unit pricing to accurately budget costs.

Plus we offer post-move services, including personal walk-through inspections, on-site trouble shooting, and help centers to ensure you get the best service possible before, during and after your move.