About KSI - Kompleat Services Inc.
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About KSI

We Focus On Superior Results

Our team at Kompleat Service, Inc. has decades of building maintenance and office relocation expertise. Every day we put that knowledge to use for our clients, helping them save time and money while delivering superior results. As part of our on-going effort to provide the best possible service, we constantly seek out the ideal combination of high quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions to fulfill the needs of our clients.

The Disconnect/Reconnect Experts

Launched in 2013, Kompleat Services, Inc. was conceived to meet the time sensitive, specialized demands of computer workstation disconnect and reconnect for large office relocations. We have managed hundreds of office relocation projects and handled the successful disconnect/reconnect of thousands of computer workstations for some of the Pacific Northwest’s most influential online retailers & software developers.

From Steam Machines to Robots

We recently leveraged our decades of knowledge and expertise in building maintenance and floor care to become a Gold Member distributor for TASKI Intellibot robotic floor cleaning systems. Kompleat Services, Inc. has also been selected as the exclusive Oregon & Washington distributors of the Dr. Gum steam-cleaning machine. By adding the distribution of autonomous robotic cleaning technology and good old-fashioned steam cleaning machines to our line-up, we continue to find both practical and boundary-pushing solutions for our customers.